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Why Buy Phil’s Best Picks?

I’m Phil Franckel and I’m picky!

I’ve been picky all my life. I always want the best and that often doesn’t mean the most expensive. Of course, many times it is the most expensive.

With experience in more fields than 10 people have in a lifetime, I know a lot about most things, know how to take things apart and put them back together, understand subtle differences in quality and I researched everything to death.

When I write about a product or service here, it doesn’t mean that I have done an exhaustive review of all items in the category. But  it means I spent more time than most people investigating it.  Often, I can spend months researching something.

For instance, some of the things I researched which will soon have reviews here are:

  • I spent months researching whether to use PVC trim board to replace the rotting wood trim on the front of my house, what brand to use and how to install it  (I used Azek and of four houses on my block that installed it, I’m the only one that installed it correctly because I GC’d the job myself and had Azek teach us how to properly install it).
  • I spent several weeks researching what to use to replace my hot water heater (I used a 119 gal. SuperStor Ultra htproducts.com).
  • I spent months researching hot tubs before deciding which brand I want (I want a Hot Spring).
  • I spent days researching document scanners (I use the Canon Scan Front 220P which is absolutely fabulous).

Since 8th grade, I have been in every business except the funeral business. Some of the things I have done are:
8th grade-sold plans in Popular Science magazine to build Ruby Rod lasers and helium neon gas lasers which I also built.
10th grade-bought, repaired and sold amusement games and pinball machines.
11th grade through 4th year college-bought, repaired and sold used cars.
12th grade-became an Auxiliary Police Officer (a cadet in my first year.  I’m now the Commanding Officer of Communications). I attended the Nassau County Police Academy for Auxiliary Police Officers and later the Supervisors course at the Nassau County Police Academy.
1971 Started flying at Addison Airport while a student at SMU.
1971-1973 Transferred to Dowling College with a major in Aeronautical Engineering & flew in the Flight Program
4th year college-worked as an investigator in a Department of Justice program and a criminal law firm.
Started a business to document vessels with the Coast Guard.
1976 Started MBA program with a major in Finance at Hofstra.
1976 (approx) Obtained an FFL (Federal Firearms License for gun dealers).
1976 (approx) Obtained Life, Accident & Health insurance licenses.
1981 Graduated Quinnipiac School of Law.
Worked in the wholesale diamond business Alex Franckel Diamonds.
Designed security for the new floor of Alex Franckel Diamonds.
Started a jewelry manufacturing company.
Rented office space to and worked for TV production firm Illustra Films Worldwide.
1989 Worked for a large personal injury law firm.
1991 Started my own personal injury law practice.
1993-1995 Designed and supervised construction of my custom house which took two years to build (one extra year because of my attention to details).
Began an advertising agency 1-800-HURT-911, Inc.®
Built HURT911.org® the largest personal injury research website.
Built approximately 300 other websites including 1888DRUGCRIMES.com and LawFirm911.com

Publisher of several blogs such as LawyerAdvertisingBlog.com, a criminal law blog, personal injury and of course, PhilsBest.com

Fields of expertise or extensive experience:
Advertising & Marketing
Business management
Various fields of law
Investigation and security
Diamonds (cutting & wholesale)
Jewelry manufacturing
Website construction
Software development
Search engine optimization
Vanity phone numbers and telephone routing


My house. Construction began Dec 1992 & finished Dec 1994