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Ant Poison Review

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The best ant poison is now available for outdoor use to kill ants before they get into your house.   I have a large house which is inundated by ants every year at four different points in the house.  I had been using Terro® liquid ant killer and then Terro liquid ant baits which works great except that to kill ants, it attracts ants to the ant poison in the house.

Instead of ants running all over the house, they are attracted to the Terro liquid ant bait.  I used to cut up a paper plate, pour a little bit of the liquid ant bait on the paper and place in various areas in the house.  The problem is that I had an unsightly scene, for several days, of hundreds of ants thoroughly enjoying the poison (they really love it) and I have to go through this two or three times every spring and summer.

Then I found Terro Liquid Ant Baits which is a better and cleaner alternative because it keeps the ants in a plastic container while they are eating the poison but it’s clear so you still see the ants and you will still have the answer in the house between the point where they come in and the plastic trap.  However, Terro makes an even better solution which kills the ants outside before they ever get in your house (see below).

How Terro Ant Poison Kills Ants

Terro ant poison takes a few days to kill the ants because it is designed to have just enough poison so that the ants can take it back to the Queen and kill the colony.  If you kill the ants too fast, the Queen will continue to breed thousands of more ants.

How to Use Terro Ant Poison to Kill Ants

The key to using Terro liquid ant poison is to find where the ants are coming into the house by following the trial of ants back to where they seem to be coming from.  You can see them going back and forth along a trail on your floor.  Follow them back to a point closest to an outside wall and to put the poison at that spot.  That will keep the ants from going all over the house, but you will see hundreds of ants concentrated in one spot at the poison for a few days.

The Best Ant Poison Kills Ants Outside

Now, Terro makes an inexpensive outdoor liquid ant poison that keeps ants from ever coming into your house.  This combines the best ant poison with the best way to kill ants. It is the same liquid ant poison for indoor use, but with a container suitable for outdoor use.  It works great!  Within one day, there were no more ants in my house and I no longer care how long it takes to kill the Queen.

The Solution to Keep & Kill Ants Outside!

Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

It is now over three years since I started using Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits and I have not had ants in the house since.  I highly recommend Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits!

My house is now ant free!

My house

For only a few dollars, you can save hundreds of dollars by not having a pest control company come every month.  I purchased “Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits” at Lowes, but you can also purchase the best ant poison online at

You can see all of their products at Terro products




  • Pavan says:

    Review by Dana Sarah for Rating: We had a horrible ant problem in our end-unit townhome 5 years ago. These were the tiny sidewalk ants , and they were EVERYWHERE. I vacuumed and cleaned constantly, but even ONE CRUMB left overnight on the kitchen counter was enough to attract a long line of ants by the morning. I am not exaggerating it was incredibly frustrating. We tried Raid sprays and baits and even a pest-control company, to no avail. I found Terro after a lot of online research, and that’s all we’ve used since. The first summer we used a combo of Terro outdoor and indoor liquid gel baits and Terro dusting spray. I put two outdoor baits along each outside wall of the townhouse, and used the little plastic tube that came with the spray to spray into interior corners and bathroom cabinets (I stuck the tube down into any tiny hole I came across.) Then I put the indoor gel bait where I knew we had infestations a corner in the kitchen and the master bath window. There was a HUGE nest in the outside wall of the master bath in spite of us repairing a leak there earlier. The directions say to leave the ants alone once you notice them coming to get the gel bait because they will take it back to the nest to kill the colony. This is the hardest part, because in our case they came BY THE HUNDREDS and kept coming for days. My husband had to literally hold me back to keep me from sucking them all up the vacuum cleaner. It was gross and we couldn’t use the master bath for a few days, but after a week THEY WERE GONE. They haven’t been back since. All we’ve done since that one summer four years ago is put the outdoor baits out in late March/early April and replace them after three months. THAT’S IT. And we have NO ANTS. (And significantly fewer other insects like spiders and centipedes maybe because they eat ants?) I don’t know why Terro isn’t more widely used or advertised it is by far the best!!!

  • Theresa Contrisciano says:

    I had 8 Raid ant baits on my counter for 4 days. Not one ant went to them and one morning I could not see my sink because of the ants,

    Found Terro ant baits on one of the university sites,bought them. Within 1/2hour I had so many ants all running to the baits. Took a video.Have not tried the ones outdoors yet but going to get them.

  • THanks for the posting – TERRO works!

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