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Best Natural Cure for Allergies and Asthma

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With high pollen counts, I would normally be miserable but I found an easy, natural cure for both my allergies and asthma.  I don’t know if it will cure your allergies, but it certainly worked for me.  I suffered with typical hayfever type allergies and serious asthma for most of my life.  Although I used to get allergy shots every week, my nose was always stuffed up.  In college, I was a pilot in a flight program and I was looking for a decongestant that would not make me drowsy.  I found Sudafed and took that every day for years but I still had to carry a box of Kleenex tissues with me everywhere I went.

In 1993, I moved to Long Island from New York City and was worried that my allergies would get worse.  A very bright friend of mine, who is a doctor, advised me to start taking a number of vitamins. I told him that I was taking a multivitamin and he said it’s not enough. He gave me a list of vitamins to take and within days of taking them, I noticed a big difference.  Since I started taking vitamins, I don’t need allergy injections; never take Sudafed anymore; I don’t need a box of tissues wherever I go; I don’t have asthma symptoms; and I haven’t refilled my asthma medication since 1994.

I tried to determine which vitamin or combination of vitamins was responsible for improving my allergies.  I do not believe that any one vitamin is responsible and I was never able to figure out which combination of vitamins improved my allergies.

I know vitamins are responsible for improving my allergies because I occasionally stop taking them due to laziness and when I stop, my allergies return.  I don’t like opening 16 bottles of vitamins every morning, so I put the vitamins in 50-60 small cups which I keep in my kitchen cabinet.  Sometimes, I run out of cups and get too lazy to fill another 50 or so cups.  After five or six days of not taking vitamins, my allergies come back.  That gives me the incentive to fill another 50 cups!

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So, what vitamins do I take for my allergies?  I don’t know which of these vitamins or combination of vitamins is responsible for getting rid of my allergies, but following is a list of the vitamins I was taking when my allergies improved:

Multi vitamin
A 10,00 IU & D 400 IU
B6 100 mg
B12 1000 mg
Super B-complex
C 1000 mg w/rose hips
E 400 IU
Cod Liver Oil (A&D)
Fish oil EPA 1200 mg with Omega-3 684 mg
Flax Seed Oil 1300 mg
Folic Acid 600 mcg
Selenium 50 mcg
Soya Lecitin 437 mg
L-Lysine 500 mg

I hope this works for you. Taking vitamins has eliminated my asthma symptoms and substantially improved my allergies.  If anyone tries this, I would love your comments.

I have since added these additional vitamins to my daily regimen:

Co-enzyme Q10 200 mg
D-3 1000 IU
Triple Flex (Glucosomine 1500 mg Chondroitin 800 mg MSM 750 mg) for joint health
L-Arginine 1000 mg Puritan Product #: 007888
Saw Palmetto 1000 mg Puritan Product #: 001594
Probiotic Acidophilus with Pectin – This eliminated my fiancee’s lactose intolerance.
Lutein for eyes-prevents macular degeneration (The Doctors TV)
Krill Oil
Hyaluronic Acid

Fish oil: I recently doubled my intake of Fish oil EPA 1200 mg with Omega-3 684 mg, by taking one in the morning and another at night.  After a few days, I noticed that in the morning I started remembering some dreams which I haven’t experienced for years; I feel a little more rested; and my allergies have improved even more.  My nose seems less congested and I frequently can breathe through my nose which I am never able to do.

If you’re still taking allergy injections, the least painful method is to take vitamins so you don’t need the injections anymore.  However, if you still want or need allergy injections, read my article about how to eliminate pain from allergy shots.

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