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How to Get the Flu Shot or Any Injection Pain-Free

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Are you afraid of flu shot pain?  Now, you can get the flu shot without pain.  I’ll tell you below how to prevent flu shot pain when you get the flu shot or any injection.

syringe showing flu shot pain

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A lot of people are afraid of needles when they have to get a flu shot, allergy shot or other injection.  Fear of getting a shot or fear of needle pain may cause some people to unnecessarily avoid getting the flu shot or the H1N1 swine flu shot, when the flu shot can easily be given pain free.

Does the Flu Shot Needle Cause Pain?

Fear of the needle comes from associating pain with the needle after previously experiencing pain from an injection.  It makes sense.  Since the needle looks sharp and sinister and is used to puncture the skin like a knife, it’s natural to assume that the needle is what causes pain, but it’s not the needle that causes the pain.  In fact, the needle is so thin that you can barely feel it.  So, if it’s not the needle, what causes the pain?

If It’s Not the Needle, What Causes Flu Shot Pain?

After thinking about exactly what it is that causes the pain, the solution is obvious. Nurses are usually much better at giving an injection, than a doctor is. The reason for this provides the solution to a pain-free shot. Doctors are always in a rush, while nurses usually take more time. However, some blame can be placed on patients. Because of the patient’s fear of the needle, your doctor will likely try to rush the injection so “it will be over in a second”.

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What happens when you rush an injection? The plunger is pushed much too quickly causing the fluid in the syringe to be forced through the needle and into the body tissue with explosive force. Under high pressure, the force of the fluid rushing into your body ruptures cells and causes pain, both at the time of the injection and later.

How to Prevent Pain from the Flu Shot or Any Injection

The answer to a pain-free injection is now obvious. When I get an injection, I tell my doctor before I get the shot, that I have a request. I then tell the doctor that I would like him to push the plunger on the syringe very, very slowly!  While doctors have asked me why, no doctor has ever refused.  You may have to put up with having the needle in your arm a little longer, but it’s not the needle that causes the pain.   Make sure that the doctor or nurse pushes the plunger on the syringe very slowly and your next injection or flu shot will be pain free!

This also works with Novocain injections at the dentist and allergy injections. The result is that I always get a pain-free shot.  If you’re getting allergy injections, read my article about how to cure your allergies without allergy shots.

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