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If you need your diamond repaired, the best diamond cutter is Alex Franckel, my father. Of course, I’m biased! At you can also see some interesting diamonds including the 14th largest diamond in the world and a diamond that glows in the dark.

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The Best Dress Shirts – Custom made shirts

The Best Dress Shirts – Custom made shirts

If you want to look like a multi-millionaire for under $100, get a custom-made dress shirt, but also get a nice tie. I have several nice ties, but one of my favorites is a …

Flannel Shirts


I love flannel shirts and my favorite store, Costco, has some of the nicest flannel shirts. Costco sells flannel shirts made by Field & Stream that are very heavy 100% cotton level shirts that …

The best scanner to clean up paper clutter

I’ve had papers all over my house for a long time. My file cabinets were overflowing and I had piles of paper everywhere. I had papers in my bedroom, the kitchen, Butler pantry, …

The Best Chocolate Truffles – teuscher Champagne Truffles


Absolutely the best chocolate is from Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland and the best truffles are teuscher’s Champagne Chocolate Truffles.  They’re not inexpensive, but worth every penny or dollar!
Please note.  Never refrigerate fine chocolate, but Teuscher …

The Best Frozen Pizza

I’m picky about pizza.  I live on the North Shore of Long Island and I drive to the South Shore to buy my pizza because you can’t get good pizza on the North Shore (probably because …

The best plain white T-shirts


The best plain white underwear T-shirts are from the Kirkland brand, which is the store brand of my favorite store, Costco. As with everything else, I’m even picky about T-shirts. I give out …

Fudgie Wudgie Fudge is the best fudge!

While at my favorite store today, Costco, I stopped to try a sample of fudge. I like fudge, but it’s not my favorite. It’s too sweet and usually tastes like eating a block of sugar. …

Trying to decide which cell phone service to use?


PhilsBest pick is Verizon. I use my cell phone for both personal use and business. Since I use my cell phone for business use, I need a reliable phone and reliable service. …



Costco is my best pick simply because:

Costco has the best return policy you can get anywhere;
Their store brand, Kirkland is always very high quality.  In fact, if it says Kirkland, I immediately trust it;
Costco usually …

Dragon Naturally Speaking

The most important software is software that can save you time. I have two all-time favorites for software to save your time. One of those is Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance. Why is Dragon Naturally …